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Carrot-Top Flags and Banners

My friend Steve runs the best flag and banner makers in the world. Steve and everyone at Carrot-Top Flags and Banners came through for Martin's Ride BIG TIME!


Continental is a German company that makes the best bicycle tires for performance plus durability. They saved me on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Elete Water

We've been drinking gallons of Elete Water to get Martin's Ride across the USA in this summer's record heat, find out why.

WTE Solutions

I’ve known Eric and Cynthia Garrison, owners of WTE Solutions, for years. They are friends as well as managers of a company I’ve depended on many times. Any web site is only as good as the platform underneath. AgileSite strikes a balance between advanced functionality and ease of use. Web sites MUST change over time. If you have to return to your designers to add an article or correct your site’s spelling you will be caught in a vicious bottleneck. Read more about my experiences with this great team.


OnRamp Branding

Red Maxwell, President of OnRamp Branding is a nice genius. He loves learning and wears his confidence with a sense of humility and grace. Red and his OnRamp Branding team designed our Martin’s Ride logo. Let me be clear, Red and OnRamp are much more than graphic designers, though they are world class designers. Graphics flow from strategy and Red’s strategy sessions will knock your socks off.

Metabolism Magic

My sister, Caroline Smith Ph.D. is helping me make Martin’s Ride a reality. She prescribed a regime that was easy to follow and producing results. I’ve lost fifteen pounds and am well on my way to losing sixty needed to comfortably sit on a bicycle for four or five hours riding fifty and sixty miles each day until the California coast and Pacific ocean is the last stop on Martin’s Ride.