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Free Meals For Cancer - Stagecoach Bar & Grill, Springville, California Aug. 20th

Stagecoach Bar & Grill, Springville, Ca
Tonight’s Free Dinner for Cancer was at the Stagecoach Bar & Grill, a family-owned fine-dining establishment in the heart of downtown Springdale, California. We had reservations at 6:30 and arrived a few minutes late. We were seated promptly and our server brought us water with bread as well as a treat from chef, pieces of toast with jam. The d├ęcor was charming yet upscale with paintings of scenes from the Old West. The mood was set nicely with glassy red bowls reflecting light from the ceiling.

Before our meal came, a folk singer Martin met earlier while drinking a coke at the Stagecoach Bar, set up a microphone and guitar for live entertainment. She sang Fever, Stand By Me, I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane along with original songs. Folk songs at the Stagecoach made for great ambiance. The folk singer mentioned Martin’s Ride To Cure Cancer having Martin stand up to applause.

I drank a Shirley Temple with my shrimp and linguine. Shrimp were big and juicy and the sprinkling of cheese just right. The linguine went down smooth each noodle cooked to perfection. Martin got the spinach salad with chicken thrown into the mix. Jeremy ordered the rib-eye steak with minced vegetables on the side. The steak was smothered in mushrooms with grave and Jeremy swore it was the best rib-eye he’d had. For dessert Martin and I split the Rocky road, a brownie with nuts, whip cream and a scoop of rocky road Ice cream. Needless to say, we were good and stuffed. Carleen, the owner of the Stagecoach is also the owner of the Springfield in where we stayed the night. The Inn is definitely the nicest place in town and the price is affordable and a great value. All in all, the Stagecoach Bar & Grill has been one of the best hidden jewels along the entire trip!

35634 California 190 Springville, CA 93265 (559) 539-2611‎
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