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Free Meals For Cancer - Camp Robbers, Montrose, Colorado July 29th

Camp Robber Restaurant, Montrose, Colorado
A Camp Robber is a bandit bird. This bird is known for its stealth and quickness stealing into campsites and “robbing” miner supplies. Colorado’s miners are long gone (for the most part), but after eating at Camp Robbers we say this beautiful furtive bird everywhere. We felt like the camp robbers this night eating one of the best meals of our almost three thousand mile Martin’s Ride trek.

As soon as we passed through Camp Robber’s doors we were greeted by an elegant wine rack and amazing pictures of waterfalls in the Rockies. Kim Volk, part of the husband and wife team who owns Camp Robbers in Montrose, Colorado, came over and talked to us about Camp Robbers with obvious passion and pride for fifteen minutes. Kim discussed Martin’s Ride and took time to go over every creative item on their menu. She brought us an appetizer of beer-battered artichoke hearts with creamy chicken wontons before we ordered! She also brought over a sample of the Green Chile Chicken and Potato Soup, a house favorite since they opened in 1994. Jeremy liked the soup so much he ordered a bowl while I went with the soup of the day, a yummy minestrone with chunks of broccoli and penne. Martin ordered a Cesar salad. The tangy homemade house dressing was so exceptional we all tried it. Camp Robber’s salad was featured in Gourmet Magazine. To top it all off, the salad is reasonably priced at only ten dollars. We also ate some filling pre-sliced bread.

Kim’s husband Bill is head chef. He is obsessed with quality and buys all of his food fresh and as locally as possible. He is also very creative combining unusual tastes and textures for winning unique combinations. My Smoked St. Louis Ribs fell off the bone. They were cooked in the restaurant’s “Missouri Smoker” and served with a side of crispy fries. Jeremy and Martin both ate Green Chile Pistachio Crusted Pork Medallions, the house specialty featured in Gourmet Magazine. Bill’s pork tenderloin medallions coated with green chili pistachios in a rich cream sauce generated more rave reviews from Martin’s Ride gourmets. The full meaty taste of the pork plays off nuttiness from the pistachios working in perfect synergy and delivering a unique taste experience, Martin said. Our meal was sumptuous in every sense of the word. Camp Robber Restaurant and Robbers Roost Bar only robs you of your appetite and thirst, their web site rightfully claims. I couldn’t finish my ribs carefully packing them off for RV eating later. Camp Robber’s was one of the top dining experiences on Martin’s Ride.

1515 Ogden Road, Montrose, CO 81401, (970) 240-1590‎
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