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Free Meals For Cancer - Bit and Spur Springdale, Utah Aug. 8th

The Bit & Spur, Springdale UT
Outside the natural Zion National Park's natural temple is one of the best restaurants in America! Our Free Meal For Cancer at the Bit and Spur Restaurant in Springdale, Utah was a memorable night. The outside of the restaurant has a log-cabin look, but the food is sophisticated and delicious. We saw why The Bit and Spur is a local favorite all year long. The interior features different art exhibits throughout the year. Artist flock to Zion National Park's granite wonderland, winding trails and other worldly terrain.

The Bit and Spur has a large outdoor patio seating we couldn’t pass up on such a gorgeous night. Our porch view looked out on to Zion's giant white and red cliffs. We munched on homemade chips as an appetizer served with a moderately spicy salsa that went splendidly with glasses of hand squeezed lemonade. The Bit and Spur's lemonade's bittersweet taste easily made it the best drink of the trip. I ordered house smoked pork ribs glazed with red chili barbecue sauce. The ribs fell right off the bone and went well with black beans and rice. The chili was a little hot for my taste, I've never enjoyed spicy food, but my ribs tasted great. Jeremy ordered the special halibut with pickled beats, snow peas and mango salsa. He wolfed it down and remarked many times how well-cooked the fish was. Martin tackled the Chile Verde, a spicy green chili and pork stew with flour tortillas, black beans and rice. He loved it.

After eating, we talked to Alex, the restaurant's Manager. Alex told us the Bit and Spur had been going strong for thirty years and has Southern Utah's largest selection of micro-brews and fresh fruit margaritas. It is hard for any restaurant to stand up to Zion's natural wonders, but the Bit and Spur complimented its setting with outstanding food, great views and friendly service. Fine-dining near Zion National Park means Bit and Spur. Zagat Restaurant Guide agrees, awarding it a “excellent” rating in their 2002 survey. We made the Bit and Spur one of the top five restaurants of Martin's Ride.

1212 Zion Park Boulevard Springdale, UT, 435-772-3498
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