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Write On Martin's Ride Encouragement Wall Please use the form below to write encouragement for Martin's Ride and the fight against cancer and don't forget to DONATE. Together we cure cancer in our lifetime. 

Notes of Encouragement for Martin and Martin's Ride to cure cancer:

June 15, 2010

Dear Marty,

I am so pleased that you have named Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center as the beneficiary of the funds raised from Martin's Ride to Cure Cancer. Thank you for taking on such a challenging project to raise awareness of the need to support cancer research. Yours is a noble effort.

The funds that you raise can and will be used to support innovative research of our brightest investigators and address the critical work of developing novel therapies for patients fighting cancer. As you know, we have made significant progress at Duke in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Our work with Genomics, targeted therapies and personalized medicine, cell signaling and cell therapy is groundbreaking.

Still, there is much more work to be done.

Thank you again for your dedication to the fight against cancer.


H. Kim Lyerly
Director, Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center

LiveStrong Logo

May 7, 2010

Dear Martin,

Thank you for sharing your personal story and information on your upcoming ride. Martin's Ride sounds like a wonderful event, and a great way to support the fight against cancer. Also, I am so pleased to hear that our LIVESTRONG Guidebook was a helpful resource for you, and appreciate your efforts to share it with others.

Keep up the amazing work!

Doug Ulman
President / CEO

FOM (Friends of Martin's)

I had such a nice time with you, I am so glad you came through Colorado and I could share with you my back yard. You are doing great and I am so proud of you. Do what you can up the mountain passes and then let the boys get you to the top so you can fly down and smile all the way to dinner! Love ya bro :)
Caroline Smith (a.k.a. Thunder Munchkin)

You are awesome brother. Hope everything is going O.K. Wish I was on the road with you.
Drew Smith

Marty, Day 3 and counting. See you are out early this morning. Hope you have a great ride and time to rest and relax this afternoon. Sending positive thoughts your way.
Karen Cochran, Executive Director Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center

I am so impressed with you . You rock! Keep safe. I am an ovarian cancer pt at Duke and I feel that you are riding for all of us! Where can one send a snail mail donation?
K. R. from Duke (send smail mail to Martin's Ride, 118 Brookview Street, Durham, NC 27713 and THANKS K.R., Marty )

It was great to ride with you yesterday! Ride strong. We will be thinking of you and watching your "dot" for the next 59 days!
David Mainella, Executive Director Marketing, Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center

You go, Marty. Those of us in the cycling community are beyond impressed. if I were not overseas, you would have had me for this event. I will be back and will check in before your arrival in the US Southwest and CA. Patty P (Vassar '80)

Martin, Best of luck. Hope that you make a lot of friends along the journey. 
Eric & Cynthia Garrison, WTE Solutions

Go Marty! Wish we could be with you and will be following your progress. What will be out first, the book or the movie? Regards, Dan (my M&M and Squash buddy)

Martin, Best of luck on the ride. Be safe and we will be thinking of you and wishing you the best!
John G (friend and great co-worker from Sinclair)

Martin ... keep it going ... one revolution at a time ... ! ... I know you never quit ! ... all the best energy being sent from many souls ... Ray
My friend Ray from Millbrook in Greenwich, CT

Dig Deep and you go man!!! We are all pulling for you back in NC. and know you will be successful in overcoming this challenge as you have others. Your effort is more than inspirational! All the Best!
my friend S from GSK


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