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Gluttons Restaurant - First Free Meal For Cancer

Martin Smith and Melanie Shippee Gluttons RestaurantMelanie Shippee and Laurie Dean love feeding people. Three siblings got together and wanted to open a restaurant in Statesville, North Carolina. They couldn't decide on a name. Round and round they went until finally Melanie's brother said, "When people come here I want them to be gluttons because the food is so good." And the proverbial light bulb went off.

Gluttons was born twenty six years ago. Think about what was different in 1984. No Internet I know because I had just graduated from Vassar and can remember typing my papers using copious amounts of white out. 1984 saw LA host the summer Olympics and was unremarkable except in Statesville where three siblings opened a great family restaurant called Gluttons.

"We liked the name because it is memorable," Melanie told Brian Russo, Jeremy Sadler and me at dinner tonight before serving some of the best St. Louis style ribs Brian ever ate. I opted for Gluttons special on Yellow Fin Tuna since I have to ride fifty miles tomorrow (if not I would have pounced on the ribs :). Brian was through his ribs so fast even if I wanted one it was way too late. Jeremy had an amazing pork chop. Food was amazing.

The food isn't the only distinctive thing about Gluttons. Melanie's late brother's unique art decorated the restaurant and her sister's stain glass half moon dotted the top of the Gluttons sign. Gluttons is inviting, friendly and warm. Everyone who came in while we were eating on a Wednesday night knew Melanie and everyone in Gluttons. We took pictures and talked about Martin's Ride.

One of Martin's Ride's main goals is to meet exceptional people who are passionate about what they do. Passion is contagious (in a good way) and Melanie and her family have a passion for serving, cooking and creating. When Brian called explaining we were looking for a free meal to support cancer research Melanie was generous and supportive when many were not. We would strongly recommend Gluttons based the excellent service and friendly people, but the food is AMAZING. I'm not a big fish eater even though I know those Omega 3's are hard to beat especially when dealing with the Big C. My Yellowfin tuna was cooked perfect, just the right amount of pink and a great hollandaise sauce. Throw in some double carbs from wild rice and baby red potatoes and you have a meal that was so good I left my cell phone on the table.

When we drove our hulking RV back to Gluttons Melanie apologized for going into my contacts. She called Jeremy. Are you kidding, I was thinking, thank goodness she was smart enough to figure out how to get in touch with us. Smart, creative people creating a special environment and willing to feed weary cancer fighters deserve our praise and support. If you are anywhere near Statesville, North Carolina you MUST visit Melanie, Laurie and everyone at Gluttons. You will have one of the best meals of your life and meet kind, generous people who love what they do.

Thanks Melanie, Marty and the Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer Team.

Contact Gluttons by phone:704.872.6951

Visit the Gluttons Website: Gluttons

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