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Posted: July 05, 2010 by Martin Smith | with 2 comments |
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ruth sheehan commented on 8/12/2010 8:21:56 AM

wow. utah. you're doin' it, martin. i'm thinking of you.

Thanks Ruth, almost home. In Cally now headed to see El Cap and Half Dome at Yosemite tomorrow. :) M

leslie Gordon commented on 7/8/2010 11:41:59 PM

Dear Marty,
I just looked at the pictures you all posted on Flikr. WOW! Your pictures are great! I loved the stone face, the Indian art at the Casino, the beauty of the mountains, and the pictures of you riding. Your pictures of fireworks were my entire experience of the 4th. :) I love the picture of the fog and another one of the road curling around hills and dales in the foreground. They're just wonderful. I hope you will try to write daily regardless of the connections (Word comes to mind) and you post later. I love your writing, and now your photography as well. :) Continue to take good care and try not to forget your sense of humor.