Strangers Save Our Lives

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Strangers Save Our Lives

Strangers Always Save Our Lives
After writing about how strangers saved my life during chemotherapy (two years ago) it occured to me strangers always save our lives. Police and fire run into buildings to save….us. Nurses and doctors work hard to solve mysteries and save our lives. Scientists and businesswomen create biotech companies risking everything to bring new medications to us. A long list of strangers worked hard to save my life and they will do the same for you.

Modern Heroes
These modern heroes do miraculous things because it is their passion and genius to do so. The list of why hard working life savers do what they do would include deep satisfaction that must come from making such positive impact on people's lives. I realize there are dragons, bureaucracy and frustration too. Not everyone gets better, but compassion and competency make great partners.

Pay back is one of my motivations for Martin’s Ride, my trans-USA bicycle ride this summer. I’m not sure how to repay such a large gift. How do I repay strangers I will never see or meet again? How can I touch their arm, look into their eyes and say thank you, thank you for my life? I need to earn their trust by giving back and becoming more altruistic. I make these efforts knowing they will fall short.

Q: How does the world get better? A: One idea and action at a time. Perhaps the best quid pro quo is to live every day present and aware of its magic and joy. This I can do as I ride a bicycle from Durham, North Carolina to the Santa Monica Pier.


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